marți, 20 octombrie 2015

10 things you must have for halloween

When it comes to Halloween, everybody gets exicited and tries to make the best out of this holiday.

I made a list of 10 things you must have for halloween even if you go to a party, stay at home, or go trick or treat:

1. Family costumes - want to be a minion? which one fits you the best?

2. Candy - this is probably nr 1 must have for Halloween, you can't have kids trick or treat and not answer to the door. Get your candy now!

3. Superhero costumes - Spiderman, Batman, Power Ranger, Ninja Turtle or maybe Catwoman? What superhero are you going to be this Halloween?
4. Fairytale costumes - are you a fairytales fan? or your little princess wants a special disguise costume for Halloween to go trick or treat?

5.Couple costumes - Do you want to go together for trick or treat? with your girlfriend, boyfriend? Yes, you can do that with special designed couple costumes. Which one is your favourite? :)

6. Pet costumes - who said Halloween is just for us? our pets deserve a great holiday too! Maybe they want to go trick or treat on 31st October also.
PS: you have to see these halloween dog toys :D

7.Halloween Effects - put on a special light in your house, or maybe your pumpkin needs an extra yellow light. Or maybe some smoke over that skeleton behind the door

8.Baby costumes - how could I forget about the babies? maybe because I don't have one :)
Never forget about the little ones!

9. Accesories - I know you don't care about this, just don't click it, you won't like it anyway

10. I kept my favorite for the end: Contact lenses. Who wants a green eye?